Extra Curricular


There are a vast array of elective co-curricular learning options available to our boys, from early in the morning until late at night.

We have a student-lead pre-shacharis “coffee club” where boys come and learn for 15 minutes before shacharis while enjoying some fresh-brewed coffee. There is a Mishnayos shiur during breakfast, afternoon seder for our twelfth graders, night seder for local and boarding students, late night mishmar, “matziv’s”, and extended night seder learning for 11th and 12th graders.

We have a reading incentive program where boys are required to read an amud flawlessly in under 5 minutes to qualify, and there are also bein hazmanim chazara & minyanim programs as well.

Electives, Extra-Curriculars

An integral part of the healthy development of young men is the opportunity to release tension, relax the mind, and enjoy oneself. Thus, we incorporate physical fitness, and the time-tested therapeutic method of having good clean fun into our daily, weekly, and annual calendar.

FTI’s dynamic schedule incorporates time for daily sports, weekly swimming, and use of the JCC and other gyms, as well as annual skiing and camping trips.

Our basketball court, football field, and volleyball court are daily favorite go-to spots for students to unwind, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors during several breaks throughout.


  • Pre-Shachris Shiur
  • Extended Night Seder
  • Mishmar
  • Music Class
  • Computer coding
  • Bein Hazmanim Chazara & Minyan Program
  • Science Fair
  • Gemara Bekious Program
  • Weekly Shmuzin
  • Quarterly Blattziv


  • Rosh Chodesh and holiday programs
  • Basketball Team and league
  • Football league
  • Martial arts
  • Guest Speakers
  • Gedolim Visits
  • Schoolwide and Grade Shabbatonim
  • Ski Trip, Camping Trip
  • Practical Halachic Workshops