Ways to Give

You can help FTI right now through donating through the FTI website at

Cash or Check

Your Cash or Check can help FTI right now. Bring your gift or mail your gift to 31 Maple Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002.

Corporate Matching Gifts

You can double your impact of your charitable gift.

Ask your employer


click the button and scroll down to the company search box (to find out information on your company's corporate matching program).

Car Donation

Donate your vehicle to FTI. FTI will tow your vehicle for you and issue you a tax receipt for the value of your vehicle.

Stocks & Bonds

Donate stocks tax free to help FTI for years to come.

Planned giving

Planned giving helps FTI and yourself by planning out your charitable giving to maximize the benefit to yourself.

Contact the Yeshiva Office for more information.

Free assistance with Tax planning

FTI will supply you with a free financial counselor to help guide you through decision making. You can shelter your taxes through giving to FTI.

Life Insurance

You Can Make FTI a beneficiary of your Life Insurance. 

Legacy Gifts

You can continue to leave your mark  through Legacy gifts.