General Studies Curriculum

General Studies Overview

FTI’s award-winning general studies department provides an exciting and intensive comprehensive curriculum. This outstanding college preparatory program provides a strong educational base, allowing students to matriculate
into the finest colleges and universities. Science, English language arts, math, and history are explored through hands-
on learning and engaging, interactive lessons.

FTI is in the process of becoming accredited through the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) and Middle States Association (MSA). In addition, FTI is one of the only Jewish schools in the area to have entered, and consistently won prizes, at the Annual Delaware Valley Science Fair. FTI has launched a new reading and writing program which provides
a framework to develop independent study skills in each student.


Aim: To enable students to think critically, problem solve, and master high school-level mathematics to prepare them for their future.

9th Grade College Prep/Honors Geometry: Topics emphasized include proofs, reasoning, trigonometry, circles, and quadrilaterals.
Students begin preparing for the PSAT/SAT.
10th Grade College Prep/Honors Algebra 2: Topics emphasized include equations, functions, graphing, logarithms, and more.
Students practice for and take the PSAT.
11th Grade College Prep/Honors Pre-Calculus: Topics emphasized include analytic trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic
functions, and graphing functions. Students prepare for and take the SAT exam.
12th Grade Advanced Calculus: Topics emphasized include derivatives, integration, and transcendentals. Students prepare for
the Calculus AP Exam.


Aim: To develop reading and writing skills, reading comprehension, and communication skills. Students foster an appreciation of the great literary works, while promoting a curiosity and respect for learning.

9th Grade English I: Emphasis is on reading analysis and writing skills.
10th Grade English II: Emphasis is on writing, analysis, and literature. Students prepare for the PSAT.
11th Grade English III: Emphasis is on independent writing and deep analysis of various texts. Students take the SAT.
12th Grade English IV: Emphasis is on analysis of American, World, and British Literature, as well as communication writing.


Aim: To expose students to the complexity and genius of the world through science exploration, and to prepare students for advancing to college in science-related fields.

Program includes: Labs, dissections, microscopes, experiments, project-based learning, real-world applications, and inter-school science competitions.

9th Grade College Prep/ Honors Environmental Science: Topics include climate change, food chains, nature cycles, population
ecology, conservation, and water pollution.
10th Grade College Prep/Honors Biology: Topics emphasized include cell structure, DNA, and genetics.
11th Grade College Prep/Honors Chemistry: Topics emphasized include composition, properties, atomic theory, and the
interactions of substances (physical and chemical changes).
12th Grade College Prep/Honors Physics: Topics emphasized include matter, motion, and interactions of objects (sound, light, and quantum mechanics).


Aim: To provide students with an understanding of American and world history and culture, along with the development of global processes, leading to a better appreciation of the world around us.

9th Grade Global Studies: Topics emphasized include revolutions, world change, world religions, and absolutism.
10th Grade US History I: Topics emphasized include industrial revolution, the Great Depression, the Gold Rush, world wars, cold
war, and terrorism.
11th Grade U.S. History II: Topics emphasized include Colonial America, Birth of America, the Civil War, slavery, and the
development and impact of Modern America.