Judaics Curriculum

Our Learning Mesivta’s aim is to provide our talmidim with a comprehensive and joyful Torah education that will serve as their foundation for a lifetime of learning. In-depth learning of gemara includes passionate debate between talmid and rebbe, bringing gemara to life in a meaningful and pleasurable way.

Daily hashkafa and mussar shiurim inculcate the importance of personal development of middos. Both Rebbeim and talmidim strive to embody the lessons learned and provide real-life consistency for all that is taught. Bekius, Chumash, and Halacha shiurim help solidify our talmidim’s knowledge base and teaches them the skills needed for a lifetime of independent learning.

Gemara Iyun

Aim: To teach the skills necessary for independent learning of Gemara and meforshim and any Torah texts with a clear understanding of what they are learning, and to instill a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

FTI follows a 7-year cycle of Masechtas: Bava Kama, Bava Metzia, Bava Basra, Yevamos, Gittin, K’suvos, Kiddushin.

Grade 9: Students cover an amud of Gemara, Rashi, and most Tosfos every two weeks.
Focus- Students focus on sharpening their Gemara leining and critical thinking skills.

Grade 10: Students cover an amud of Gemara, Rashi, Tosfos, and some mefarshim every two weeks.
Focus- Students sharpen their Tosfos leining and comprehension skills.

Grade 11: Students prepare the material on their own followed by shiur to clarify and deepen their understanding with frequent use of Achronim.
Focus- Students are exposed to more complex sugyos that deepen their breadth of understanding and appreciation for the depth of the Gemara.

Grade 12: Bais Medrash style hachana followed by shiur solidifying the students’ independent learning skills and deepen their understanding of the Gemara with regular examination of Rishonim, Achronim, and Roshei Yeshivos.
Focus- Students will solidify learning mefarshim independently and establish a clear understanding of the Gemara (preparing students for post-high school Bais Medrash learning).

Gemara Kriah Overview - Tested Quarterly 

FTI has a yeshiva-wide gemara fluency program to improve our talmidim’s reading fluency. Talmidim are encouraged to practice reading with a chavrusa, in groups, to rebbeim, and in front of the class.

Rebbeim incorporate reading-focused questions into worksheets and quizzes on a regular basis, and there are cumulative word tests numbering into the many hundreds by the end of the year. Additionally, talmidim who can read and translate an entire amud of Gemara with a rebbe in 5 minutes or less are rewarded.

We aim for full school participation in the program. Talmidim are also expected to read, translate, and explain a full blatt of gemara, rashi, and selected tosfos each quarter of the year.


Aim: To teach mussar values and lay the groundwork for a life of character development using Chazal, mussar seforim, and daas Torah to guide one’s relationship with Hashem, other people, and one’s self.

Topics Covered In All Grades: Fundamental mussar values include character development, human dignity, derech eretz, honesty, humility, responsibility to Klal Yisroel, and many more. Concepts are presented in a manner consistent with the principle that learning is most effectively transmitted by actively engaging the talmid’s opinion, speaking openly and honestly, and most importantly teaching by example.

The program includes Mesilas Yesharim, and other classical mussar works, weekly shmuezin, and frequent hashkafa discussions.


Aim: Build Chumash and Rashi learning skills, recognize the tremendous depth of every pasuk, and understand the complete process of Mefarshei Chumash to see how they reached their conclusions.
Commentators covered: Rashi, Sifsei Chachamim, Ramban, Sforno, and Midrashim.

9th Grade: Emphasis is on understanding Chumash based on Rashi and Sifsei Chachamim, and improving Rashi reading and deciphering skills.
10th Grade: Emphasis is on solidifying understanding based on Rashi; other mefarshim are introduced.
11th Grade: Emphasis is on the contrast of the major mefarshei Chumash. Students deepen their existing Chumash textual and thinking skills.
12th Grade: Independent study of Chumash and mefarshim; weekly shmuezin teach bachurim how to glean new insights from the mefarshim.


Aim: To master practical everyday areas of halacha and develop a skill set for knowing how and where to research halachic questions.
Course Material: Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim with Mishna Berura, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch and Piskei Halacha.

9th Grade: Hilchos hashkamas haboker, tzitzis, tefillin, shema, and tefila.
10th Grade: Hilchos b’rachos, Mishna Berura reading skills are emphasized.
11th Grade: Hilchos Shabbos, Mishna Berura is used as the primary text.
12th Grade: Mishna Berura b’chavrusa.