Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt Shlitah Makes Historic Visit to FTI A Very Special Shabbos with the Rosh HaYeshiva

Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt, Rosh Yeshiva on Rabbinical Seminary of America, along with his rebbetzin, visited Cherry Hill over Shabbos Parshas Bo to give chizuk to the Yeshiva and community, and that he did. Rabbi Grunblatt delivered 7 different speeches over a 36-hour period. Friday morning the Rosh Yeshiva delivered a shmuz to the whole Yeshiva about the purpose of life and how to attain true satisfaction both in this world and the next. This was followed by a Rebbe in-service session discussing the pressing issues of Yeshiva chinuch today. After a heartfelt Kabbolas Shabbos and Maariv, all the bais medrash bochurim and the mesivta bochurim who stayed for Shabbos to grow from the unique experience of having a gadol in their midst, enjoyed a Shabbos seuda with the Grunblatts at the home of FTI Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Max. Then back in Yeshiva, after Friday night seder, we were treated to an Oneg Shabbos with divrei Torah and Hashkafa from the Rosh Yeshiva about how to appreciate the growth that b’nei Yeshiva attain even though it happens gradually and is sometimes hard to see when you are living it every day. Shabbos morning after davening and a kokush cake kiddush, Rabbi Grunblatt gave a shiur klali on the sugya of Shavya Anafshei. The shiur was attended by the B’nei Yeshiva, Rebbeim, and many community members who came to hear a shiur from the Rosh Yeshiva. All in attendance were treated to the incredible sight of Rabbi Grunblatt fielding any and all questions from the crowd and firing back answers right and left throughout the shiur. The shiur was followed by lunch in Yeshiva where FTI Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Davidowitz spoke about the tremendous impact that Rabbi Grunblatt has on the Rebbeim and the talmidim of FTI, especially because we ask many of our Da’as Torah shailos to him. There was a Shabbos afternoon Question-Answer Session for the N’shei Hayeshiva dealing with some of the unique challenges that arise from being marbitz Torah out of town. The entire West Side of Cherry Hill community was invited to a Shalosh Seudos with Rabbi Grunblatt sponsored by FTI at Congregation Sons of Israel. The Rosh Hayeshiva delivered Divrei Chizuk to the packed room and showed everyone through divrei Chazal that they can withstand and accomplish much more than they may think, and that they really can do almost anything. Motzei Shabbos, after father-and-son learning at the Yeshiva, there was a melava malka with a farewell shmuz from Rabbi Grunblatt. The evening culminated with joyous singing and dancing, capturing the true simchas Hatorah that was felt by all who had the privilege of spending Shabbos in the company of the Rosh Hayeshiva. Thank you Rebbe!