Open Houses, School Visit Day, Interviews, and an 8th Grade Shabbaton Record Number of Applications Received

B”H, for the fourth consecutive year, our incoming 9th grade class registration is expected to close out again after a busy recruiting season with open houses in Cherry Hill and New York, a school visit day for local 8th graders, and a shabbaton attended by over twenty 8th graders. B”H there is much interest in the Yeshiva. At our main Open House here in Cherry Hill, parents and prospective students got a glimpse of the well-rounded yeshiva experience offered at FTI. Rabbi Chananya Kramer, FTI’s outstanding Menahel, shared with prospective parents how FTI talmidim not only learn Torah here at FTI, but how they are prepared for their adult life through fostering independence in a happy and supportive atmosphere. Rabbi Ari Baum, FTI’s 10th Grade Rebbe, demonstrated how FTI talmidim are taught Gemara fluency through developing a deep understanding of the gemara, coupled with guided independent learning that is differentiated to the needs of each talmid. Rabbi Y.M. Hoffman, FTI’s General Studies Principal, emphasized how FTI’s general studies department is serious and challenging, and properly prepares students for their future academic careers and life. For information on how to apply, please contact the FTI office at 856-482-8230 or visit