Advancing FTI’s General Studies Curriculum FTI Names General Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. Michael Morgenstern

FTI is excited to share that Mr. Michael Morgenstern recently joined the administration as our new General Studies Curriculum Coordinator. Mr. Morgenstern, already one of FTI’s highly regarded English Language teachers, will use his passion and expertise to examine and improve FTI’s curriculum applying the latest content and teaching models. Mr. Morgenstern’s goals include “Strengthening communication skills and creative thinking skills to better prepare students to teach themselves in the information age, and better prepare students for job challenges requiring collaboration with others and independent thinking.” Mr. Morgenstern will also be focused on ensuring students are challenged to become the best that they can be. Additionally, Mr. Morgenstern is excited to enhance FTI’s honors courses.As FTI continues to grow, Mr. Morgenstern “is excited to do his part to help such a thriving institution continue to improve its academic offerings.”