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Sviva- Ruchnius

The yeshiva recognizes that nothing is more conducive to learning and overall growth than happiness and a healthy self-image. It is therefore committed to treating each and every student with the utmost respect and dignity. Students are recognized for their individual strengths and personal accomplishments, and are so measured against a barometer of their individual abilities.

No effort is spared in the pursuit of keeping students happy and positive. Rebbeim strive to develop close relationships with their talmidim, thereby creating a warm, accepting, and close- knit atmosphere, one of the great hallmarks of FTI. Numerous other highly popular activities include in-shabbasos and yomim tovim, out-of-town shabbatons, special guest speakers, Rosh Chodesh parties, and visits to gedolim.

Extra Learning Opportunities

  • Pre-shacharis coffee club shiur
  • Breakfast Chabura learning Mishnayos
  • Afternoon Seder for twelfth graders
  • Night seder for local and boarding students
  • Late night mishmar and “matziv’s”
  • Reading Incentive program to read an amud flawlessly in under 5 minutes
  • Bein hazmanim chazara & minyanim program
  • Breakfast and Hashkafa with Roshei Yeshiva
  • Chovos Ha’Levavos with Rabbi Max