FTI Launches Pesach Bein Hazmanim Learning, Chazara, and Daveninig Initiative More Than 400 Amudim Reviewed… More than 300 Hours of Extra Learning

Over Pesach bein hazmanim, the FTI Mesivta launched a multi-faceted chazara (reviewing), and davening program. Thanks to our generous sponsors, monetary incentives, gift cards, and lunch with your rebbe (at a restaurant) were offered to talmidim who learned daily and davened all tefilos with a minyan.B”H, most of our talmidim participated on various levels with the recorded totals coming in at over 400 amudim of Gemara reviewed and over 300 hours learned (in truth, even more were actually learned, but many talmidim wanted the mitzvah lishma and didn’t claim their prize!).Students chose between Gemara, mussar, Chumash, and halacha; the more hours learned the greater the incentive. Several students reported that they reached the highest incentive possible, 24 hours of learning over 16 days, B”H. Thanks to this program, not only was there more learning over bein hazmanim, but there was a lot of positive momentum that carried over from last z’man straight through through the Pesach break, facilitating a strong start to the new z’man.